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Sex and the Cidiots

Mar 8, 2019

You have sex on that couch, you buy it! A turning point for Sex and the City as a series, a former party girl has moved to the suburbs, is having a baby, and shows our gals how the OTHER side lives. And our gals? They do NOT like it (except Charlotte, for a while).

This one hits home, because JON had a baby and moved to the suburbs, and KEVIN is still drunk and partying in the city. We get deep!

One of our favorite images yet happens in this episode (4 ladies, casually sharing...a single seat? A bed? Hard to tell!), and we have an all time great quote from a guest star.

Oh and a classic NYC move, just hailing a cab to Connecticut!

Twitter: @sexcidiotspod
Instagram: @sexandthecidiots

Kevin (@kevinmccaff) & Jon @jackperday