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Sex and the Cidiots

Mar 27, 2020

Carrie is literally IN VOGUE - starting a job at the magazine, with a mean Candace Bergen editor and an older guy editor that is nicer...until he's too nice. Charlotte goes nuts planning Miranda's baby shower, and Samantha gets Richard what he wants for his birthday: a three-way.

Twitter: @sexcidiotspod

Mar 20, 2020

Oh boy, this episode begins with an ending: Carrie and Aidan fully break up, and he moves out. It's sad! Then Carrie has money problems (less sad, sell a shoe, girl), Miranda farts a lot, Charlotte struggles with what to do with her engagement ring, and whether or not to just give Carrie money, and Samantha gets a...

Mar 13, 2020

Carrie has a wedding dress panic attack, and Aidan pushes her to commit to *actually* getting married someday. Meanwhile, Samantha pitches monogamy to Richard, who doesn't like it, so she hooks up with "JJ". Charlotte is tap dancing through her divorce, and Miranda finds out the gender of her upcoming baby.


Mar 6, 2020

Surprise, it's the first post-9/11 episode! Carrie is showing her patriotism with American flag-inspired outfits, and the girls get together and go out to the gay club! Carrie gets a gay boyfriend, and gets away from lazy, stay-at-home, KFC-eating Aidan. Charlotte & Trey get in Home & Gardens before calling it...