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Sex and the Cidiots

Feb 27, 2024

The massive controversy from this episode: was Shosh wearing pants as she ran around Bushwick…on crack?! The girls all head to the biggest warehouse party in Brooklyn, and this party? Has everything: a pack of lesbians, Charlie and Ray’s suddenly successful band, the world’s saddest husband trying to cheat on his wife with Jessa, a glass cigarette filled with crack for Shosh, Elijah kissing a boy, and Marnie’s best selfish meltdown yet after her ex suddenly gets smooched by a tiny Navajo. Also, Hannah is shaken to learn a huge thing about Adam’s life from a lesbian who tries to bite a bottlecap off a beer.

Oh and did you know this episode is brought to you by a newly Writers Guild Award nominated co-host?! We talk some fun personal news at the top before getting into that sweet, sweet crackcident.

Every other episode of our “Girls” journey will be on the “Sex and the Cidiots” feed, while the complete set will be available (and dropping early) on Patreon, at Thanks friends!