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Sex and the Cidiots

Jan 11, 2019

"Who would you f*ck...if they were YOUNG NOW?" That's a real question from a dinner party in this bananas episode, and we answer it.

More questions: could YOU pleasure a woman as well as JFK? Are high-powered people actually *good* at sex? Are we missing something? What the F*CK is a "modelizer"?! Look, the Cidiots are here to answer the important questions.

The episode is titled "Models & Mortals," and it's a lot about models, and how they make women strive for unreachable physical goals, and how these are goals that are difficult for these straight dude Cidiots to understand.

Some sneaky sex filming in this one, too, if you like problematic stuff! And Mr. Big is back again, already.

This is a really fun one. Man, we're having fun doing this podcast! Follow us, and email us! What president would YOU fuck?! Email us at

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