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Sex and the Cidiots

Apr 14, 2024

We begin with some updates from Sex and the City / And Just Like That world: Karen Pittman aka Nya Wallace has joined Che in leaving the show before season 3, leaving us only a Seema & TLDR departure from forming a little show called "Sex and The City." We also talk about the media's weird obsession with Gen Z seeing SATC for the first time on Netflix before getting into: Girls season 2 Premiere!

In this episode, Hannah begins by boning Donald Glover, and ends with a rough conversation with broken-legged sad Adam. Marnie goes from saging her house to rid it of Ray, to a Ray makeout sesh at a party. Marnie gets downsized finds herself in a low spot, a sex-with-a-gay-guy spot, and then a very familiar spot. Jessa shows up to be an a-hole for like two minutes, and boom, we're off and running with season 2.

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