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Sex and the Cidiots

Jun 22, 2023

The ladies — SO MANY LADIES — are back, and so are your fellas to talk about it all. We begin with a sexy montage to catch us up on who everybody is boning at the moment (or what Netflix they’re watching), and most of our gals plus Anthony make their way to the Met Ball. Carrie’s struggling to DTR with her podcast producer boy toy, Miranda is in LA also trying to figure out where she stands with Che, Charlotte is dealing with a whiny Harry, LTR is the busiest woman alive but sure knows how to spend 8 minutes when she has them, Seema is still with her club jabroni, and Nya has a couple of the best scenes in the episode, getting flirted with and getting drunk with a phone. It all ends in Carrie busting out a famous old look that, we’ll be honest, we loved.

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