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Sex and the Cidiots

Jan 25, 2019

This one is a lot about butt stuff! It's clubbin' time! Carrie dates a 20-something -- even if that 20-something (Timothy Olyphant) now seems like he's just been a DILF forever. There's a bris, some "What ARE we?!" confusion with Mr. Big, and J-o-n Jon is the hottest chef in town. (Samantha is working the restaurant opening, and...other stuff.)

And we ask what everyone's wondering: how good *is* Poodlehead at f*cking? The title is "Valley of the 20-something Guys," and, boy, a 27 in 1998 looks like about a 38 now. And Jon debuts a new segment called "Sex and the Vocabulary." HOT!

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