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Sex and the Cidiots

Feb 14, 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! We decided to do a classic romcom that *one* of us had never seen, and drop it as a romantic, holiday bonus. So here we are, with a movie that doesn’t work on paper, but big time works on the screen: a star-making turn by Julia Roberts who has “it” more than just about anyone has ever had, Richard Gere somehow making us like a 41 year old billionaire, Hector Elizondo being an all-time hotel daddy, Jason Alexander portraying the most punchable man of all time, Laura San Giacomo as a really fun bestie and PATRICK RICHWOOD as a scene stealing elevator man. Oh, and Garry Marshall with one of the most impossible directing assignments of all time, done perfectly.

Folks? After 5 years, this is our longest single podcast episode of all time. We hope you enjoy it, and we love you for everything you’ve done for us. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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