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Sex and the Cidiots

Nov 20, 2023

Oh hi, fellow Cidiots! While the only thing that makes this SATC branded is a brief, BLONDE Cynthia Nixon appearance, we thought it might be nice to drop a little bonus podcast for people on a week where so many of us have a lot of extra travel for Thanksgiving. This is also a little sample of what we're consistently doing on Patreon in between And Just Like That seasons -- we have 100 bonus podcasts on movies and TV shows over there if you'd like to join the fun.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have a ton of great movies, Addams Family Values DOES have an iconic Thanksgiving scene, and a speech from the hero that is Wednesday Addams. It's one of the greatest-cast movies in the history of film, it’s perfectly acted, the writing is incredible, and even if we can’t figure out how much murder is actually happening/allowed, we loved it and hope you do too. Happy Thanksgiving, and if you like stuff like this, join us over at!