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Sex and the Cidiots

Jan 10, 2020

In "Baby, Talk is Cheap," Sam gets fake nips and gets a baby talker interested in her boobie woobies, Miranda finds out her butt is "on the menu," Carrie learns what email is & starts things up again with Aidan, who's acting one way and talking another. Charlotte and Trey have baby fever, despite their horrible friends, and Jon has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that SHOCKS Kevin, and we caught it on tape. It's funny and heartwarming.

We now answer a question we've asked before on this podcast: butt eating started in July of 2001. SOLVED. Do we talk about a Catholic holiday called "The Feast of the Ass"? Of course we do, and no other SATC podcast does THAT. The amount of butt related movie titles we come up with is frankly incredible.

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