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Sex and the Cidiots

Mar 15, 2019

Carrie almost farts her way out of a relationship! This episode could have been called NOT sex and the city.

Jon and Kevin get PERSONAL and talk about their longest personal droughts, and their sleeping preferences, and whether they are in a "fart couple" or a "non-fart couple." There's a "yoga no-sex pervert" who's blue balling Samantha, a rapid-fire HJ, and the quote "Kevin is a sex maniac" happens. Miranda has a super '90s Blockbuster/catcalling incident. Also, Proczak has some of the worst product placement ever. This episode is brought to you by "Tantric Celibacy!" and the sexy Dutch book from Jon's childhood, Xaviera Hollander.

Twitter: @sexcidiotspod
Instagram: @sexandthecidiots

Kevin @kevinmccaff & Jon @jackperday