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Sex and the Cidiots

Mar 1, 2019

Men have been replaced by a sex toy, and you know who does a good impression of that sex toy? JON. This episode is basically alllll C-stories! There's a guy with bad breath named "Turtle," all the ladies are a bunch of dicks at a wedding, and this is really the coming out party for the sex toy called "the Rabbit." Honestly, most of the episode is about vibrators. Oh and Mr. Big doesn't want to get married, OBVIOUSLY.

Jon and Kevin also talk about getting married to each other for a joke, and how they would actually do that, even though they are currently happily married to women. The standard is 100,000 downloads, so, you know, tell a friend.

Twitter: @sexcidiotspod
Instagram: @sexandthecidiots

Hosts @kevinmccaff & @jackperday